our story

When our founder, Barbara Jean Baxley, began selling Baxley & Company products, it was at a small farmer's market, in Northern Colorado.  In addition to regeneratively farmed produce and pastured meat, she and her husband, Robert Baxley, also grow a variety of culinary and medicinal herbs, on their farm.  Years prior, Bob had concocted some comfrey salve to help Barb with cracking heels.  It worked for her, and after repeated requests for a refill, she took matters into her own hands.  The comfrey salve led her to look around the gardens and begin researching the traditional uses of the other plants, on the farm.  Soon, Baxley & Company was born!  Our products are crafted with the belief that the simple goodness of what exists in nature is best.  We blend natural beeswax and pure plant oil infusions and essences into a wide line of offerings to help with everyday complaints and self-care needs.  We never use artificial ingredients like micro-beads, dyes, or fragrance.  The gentle mood elevating scents of our products are derived from essential oils, and the herbs, themselves.  We want you to feel great, and hope we can help with that!