Every Plant is a Medicine

- Ben Shepard, Navajo elder


Our Products

Sugar Scrubs

Barb began making these exfoliating scrubs over a decade ago.  Initially, she gave them as gifts to family and friends.  Today, Baxley & Company offers a line of essential oil scented scrubs for every mood.  Skin conditioning oil, blended with varying coarseness of raw cane sugar, removes dead skin, while moisturizing the healthy skin below.  Use it on your hands, feet, or whole body and feel brand new!

Herbal Salves

Our salves are crafted by infusing high quality carrier oils, such as olive and apricot, with whole-leaf, traditional herbs.  Before there was a pharmacy around every corner, folks relied on these remedies for a variety of conditions.  Once the potency of these plants have been suspended in oil, we blend in natural beeswax to create a firm, smooth salve that can be easily applied wherever you might need it. 

Skin Care

The high desert climate in Colorado's plains country is the inspiration for Baxley & Company's line of skin saving solutions.  White chocolate lotion bars make a decorative, yet functional addition to any dressing table.  The lemongrass body butter is as decadent as it is soft and smooth.  Lips are skin, too, so don't miss our lip balms in tins and tubes.

Bath Time

If you've found time to take a bath, doesn't it just make sense to spoil yourself?  Our bath salts and bath bombs elevate your soak with luxury.  You will never find dyes, glitter, or obnoxious perfumes in our bath water products.  Lay back, and soak in the herbal goodness!



We all want to smell fresh.  With so many discoveries coming to light about the dangers of under arm products, we thought we would offer a deodorant product free of aluminum and other gick.  By using arrowroot flour and baking soda as the deodorant, and essential oils for fragrance, we've developed unique alternatives for the health concious consumer.